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neděle 19. února 2012


I have finally finished my book,  it didn't take long with the barely 66 pages to get through :). I have to say I LOVE IT :D actually I love all Wilde's pieces. Simply, I can't help it, but his honest sarcasm nad sharp wit are irrestisible and I laught a lot while reading his books.

In my words, I'd say Wilde exposes how ironic and  tangledly simple life may turn out to be. One innocent conincidence and so much subsequent fuss.

I have already written more or less about the general plot of this play. I have to admit the more the plot unfolds  the more mindless it is :D. Don't worry, I won't tell you the entire story yet, I will take it step by step till the very end :)

So far John has proposed to Gwendolen ( love of his life), however  she knows him under his second town-name Ernest. What's more Gwendolen's mother, Lady Bracknell, absolutely dismisses John's proposal. Later on, John comes around to Lady Bracknell's town estate and is  to be "investagated" by Gwendolen's mother. During this drilling session a particulary bizzar truth comes up - John was found, by chance,  in a dark leather bag in a cloak-room at Victoria Station by his guardian, Thomas Cardew.  All in all, John is a found child, basically with no known to him parents. This a disastrous news for Lady Bracknell, who at the beginning is satisfied with John's opulence and income, unfortunately in the end she is horrified and crosses out John's proposal of marriage.

Here is a peek from this particular scene:

Apart from this unpleasant situation, John has to face one more challange, his dear friend Algernon with whom he previously shared his double identity - John in country, Ernest in town. On another hand, Algerton confided in his invented relative Bunbury ( love Wilde's word plays). Both of them admitted their plans to "kill" Ernest and Bunbury. Moreover, John reveals the truth about Cecily, whose guardian he is, that she cares a way too much about uncle Ernest, which intrigues Algerton very much.

What can you expect to happen next? Very scandalous revelations. :D And of course, a great amount of laughter.

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