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neděle 5. února 2012

"A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal."

Time to learn something more about my play and its characters.

John Worthing
Algernon Moncrieff
Rev. Canon Chasuble
Merriman, Butler
Lane, Manservant
Lady Bracknell
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax
Cecily Cardew
Miss Prim, Governess

As it is Wilde's style, he always attributes certain "general human (rediculous) traits" to each of his characters in order toaccentuate their existance and presence among humans. Eventhough, Wilde lived in Victorian Age, you may still notice them as I wrote before.

Hypocricy, cynicism, self-importance, prejudice and many others are specific for these characters.
John Worthing, a nice, well-off  gentleman pretending to be someone else in his city life and another one in the countryside - city name Earnest, country side - John.

Algernon Moncrieff, John's odl friend. Without a sinlge penny leaving off his rich aunt's "reputation", lady Bracknell. Sometimes it seems that Wilde  personified himself into this specific character. No offense.

Lady Bracknell, a genuine lady, in terms of Widle's perception, who adores opulence, high-class life style. And regardless all would never ever let  Gwendolen Fairfax, whose guardian she is, marry someone of an obscure origine.

Cecily Cardew, is and 18-year-old young lady, whose guardien happended to be  John Worthing. She is portrayed as an always in cloud with head girl, who dreams about her glorious knight riding on a white stalion.

Nevertheless, the wheel of fortune is utterly unpredictable. Well and this is where all the fun begins. John has deeply fallen in love with  Gwendolen Fairfax and intends to propose, but nothing is as easy as it may seem at the first glance.  With such a bungle of lies the tension will hardly remain low :)

Here for your better understanding of characters and how they are related to each other:

Honesly, this play has ONLY 66 pages altogether and you basically read it cover to cover, at least I did  :D
But for those who fear books, nothing personal :D. lucky you, there was made a movie and I have to say it's perfect and makes it a way easier to comprehend the entire play and what's going on, espacially if you are a visual type.
Sneak peek :)

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  1. Patíííí, nice work :) you are so creative person :P I will maybe read it after your interesting info