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středa 15. února 2012

"One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures." -George W. Bush

Wilde's world and Our world

First of all, taking into consideration that Wilde's major focus is on the SOCIETY and HUMAN TRAITS in general,  it's pretty obvious that this play is closely related to our times as well as it was for its own period.

Wilde reacts, riducules and comments in any of his works on human beings and their characters. In The Importance of Being Earnest, by the way his most sparkling , witty and light-hearted comedy, his targets are arictocratic manners and high society.

One more thing, any book concerning humans will be ALWAYS related to temporary world. No matter how old it is. It simply deals with our innate traits, the most primitive, essential characteristics of each of us. Pure psychology.

In the play Lady Bracknell's only concern, in the issue of marrying her daughter off, is how respectable and affluent  a potentional suitor is. Even more she cares about his origin.Through Lady Bracknell ridiculous attitudes and manners Wilde satirizes the hypocrisy and silliness of the British aristocracy and their customs. He exposes what silliness, pointless views and manners they pocess - this could be compared to ridiculing today's political field, which has partially substituted that time aristocracy.

Lady Bracknell most values her ignorance ( a delicate exotic fruit" ). When she gives a dinner party, she prefers her husband to eat downstairs with the servants. Lady Bracknell may be as well characterized as a cunning, narrow-minded, authoritarian and possibly most quotable character. By the way, does it ring you a bell?

There is a bunch of other moments and examples about which I could write endlessly. 

Here's a brief describtion of the entire play ( taken fro mthe back of my book)

 "To avoid family duties, Algernon Moncrief, a bachelor-about-town, has invented Bunbury, a sick relative who frequently calls him away. His friend Jack Worthing has invented a wicked brother called Ernest to disquise his own misdemeanours. When Algernon poses as Ernest, confusion takes hold and it takes the discovery of an old black handbag beofre Jack and ALgernon can discover the truth behind the deceit."  


In The Importance of Being Earnest, there are few themes that ought to be stressed, though: THE NATURE OF MARRIAGE, THE CONSTRAINS OF MORALITY AND HYPOCRISY VS. INVENTIVENESS, and last but not least THE IMPORNACE OF NOT BEING EARNEST.  

Wilde's portraits of society and constantly biting remarks bring to my mind one of  today's popular director-artists, Tim Burton. Especially his Corpse Bride. Again, someone is poking fun at the society and human attitudes. Naturally, the movie is full of sarcasm and definitely worth watching.

My point is that the world changes every single year - basically we are shaping it quite literally, BUT speaking about our species - homo sapiens sapiens, we quite suck :D It takes us a LOOOOOOOOT of time to change ourselves - in terms of society. Since the time when Victorian Era ended many years passed and still many of us are living copies of Wilde's characters. How sad is that?

Now tell me, how close these topics are to our current lifestyle??? We have definitely grown out of the never-ending obssesion of being important  and showing off how well-off we are, what a reputation we have and what a  high social status we occupy. Wilde even talkes about these little lies we make up in order to save our face and how in the end it does not pay off. What a blessed generation we are, thanks God! Not really self-centered :D

For me it's enough to now and then hang out with my friends at Stodolni. This needs no furhter comments.

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