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pondělí 9. dubna 2012

Movie time

As you have most probably noticed, I've already posted several videos from the movie The Importance of Being Earnest, and this time I should more deeply speak about movie reproductions of my play.

Speaking from my own experience, the movie is brilliant. The cast, script, etc does not much differ from the original version- the play. I am rather a visual type which needs to see things than hear or imagine. Yes, it's nice to read it over and over again, but come on, the movie gives it more life or existence in 3D world.

Watching the movie, I constantly laughed out loud. It's simply brilliant, it is not this kind of "based on the book" movie, in which they used only bits of the original play. It is totaly true to the play. Definitely, I support this sort of movies, well you know not everyone fancies reading, thus they may watch a classical play made very well and even at the same time enjoy it.

One  more thing that I indeed like about hte movie is the precisely same language they used for the script. I know, not using it it would be worth even making this movie. Still, I absolutely adore this 2002 version.

Here  are few clips, just so you can imagine.

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