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pondělí 26. března 2012

Any critical pieces?

Don't know if I should be feeling lucky or rather miserable. Well, searching for any critical piece about Wilde's play isn't that easy as it may seem at the beginning. It seems to me there's a huge essay business going out there. Literelly, I have found 2 pieces, excluding reviews of the book, in the end I will be grateful for so little to be found :P It's basically all the same - the same stuff all over again.

 To be clear from the start, there is not much to be said, only repetadly  stating all you already know.

The Importance of being Ernest has been kindly receinved from its premier in 1895, people of Victorian Era might have not properly understood Wilde's essential message or rather satyrical pinpointing of their life style.
In the first essay discussing Wilde's piece, I indeed liked the way the author writes about each character representing a certain ironic attitude of the society. The author nicely presents the play's real nature, such as the irony of its main topics: marriage, morality, intelligence, and the apperance versus its original meaning. Considering Algy and John, both of the living a way off the avarege, but never aprreciate the value of money, which are only a part of their inherintance. John symbolizes a case, when all people pretended to follow some sort of a code of morality, being earnest (nice, honest, ...) but to be true, he turns out to be a hypocrit, who makes up an alter-ego for ecusing his constant voyages to the city.

As another example the author takes Lady Bracknell represents the issue of apperances in the stucture of Victorian society. It was not important  to be inteligent whatsoever, it was porobably only useful to have some  wit in order to converse with others. Lady Brackenell belsses ignorance, and praises the social duty for adherence of given standards with a question. She stands agains education and speaks outl loud about the necessity  of submissivness and ignorance. Thanks to Lady Bracknell we may realize, that the upper class could not have enjoyed all the advatages and pompous life style, if the lower classs had recieves a firm education backgroud.

 "Each character is used to ridicule the state that society is in and morals that the Victorian era followed. Wilde is successful in satirizing Britian through sarcasm, wit and cynicism in the hopes of getting his opinion of society across." Wilde did manage to get his message across. I have encountered few ciriticism on the general plot of the play, however taking into account, the depth of his ideas portrayed in a simple plot, it could not have been done better. I believe there is no need to create an elaborate drama, if you wish to make people cry and laught at the same time. It would be rather disturbing to focus on the plot, with easy to imagine situation, human brain will actually absorb what is written between lines. Hopefully. 

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